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Here at Stapleton tweed we are determined at preserving our heritage and our indigenous craft of handweaving here on our beautiful island of Ireland. Striving to create unique and classical handwoven tweed pieces, we focus on producing 100% sustainable tweed products. We hope to educate people about our historical craft and culture and to inspire others to learn about the history of Irish textiles and dress. ​ All our yarn is hand selected, warped on warping bars and tied on a traditional loom by Dean. We spin the bobbins, weave the cloth, cut, tie and sew all products by Dean. All products at Stapleton tweed are fully sustainable, ethical and biodegradable. All our products are 100% handwoven, 100% handmade and 100% made in Ireland with my own hands. I weave only 100% Irish wool, a fantastically durable and sustainable material. Our wool comes from Donegal Yarns in Kilcar or spun and produced by myself for special collections. We craft a wide range of quality luxury products, ranging from throws to scarves, pouches, waistcoats and accessories. 

Meet the maker

My name is Dean Stapleton from Finglas, Dublin. I am a designer and weaver specializing in handwoven Donegal Tweed cloth. Following my passion and love for weaving and Irish textile, I left Dublin to train as a handweaver in Kilcar, Donegal under the watchful eye of Master Weaver John Heena from Ardara. I was steadfast in my pursuit to gain all the knowledge and skills of handweaving so I can preserve this amazing indigenous craft and share it with others and more importantly the next generation.


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